Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! (and homework for periods 2,3,4,7...)

Hello everyone!

I had a blast spending Halloween day with you all... I hope you find something fun to do tonight!

I tried to go easy on the homework, so please complete the following for tomorrow:
1. Day 7 Log (no reading, just answer the questions)
2. Post your Socratic Seminar questions on the appropriate blog post. You should have generated these in class last week, so just find them in your notebooks and type them up.

See you tomorrow!
-Mrs. L.


  1. Why does candy feel that he should have shot the dog himself?
    Why is the dream repeated so many times?
    WHy doesn't Crooks want Lennie to enter his room?

    to mrs. levein--the questions might not be as related since we made these questions before we finished the book

  2. How did George and Lennie become a pair?
    Why does George like Lennie so much?
    Why does George still keep Lennie around?