Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Socratic Seminar Questions

You can find the question sheet to print out on School Loop here, or you can answer them in your notebooks using the list below.

1. What is the importance of Slim's friendship with George? Is he replacing Lennie?
2. Did George do the right thing by killing Lennie?
3. What do you think the death of Candy's dog symbolized? How did your interpretation change throughout the story?
4. Was it cruel or merciful to kill Candy’s dog? What about to kill Lennie? Where is the line between cruelty and mercy?
5. Why does Steinbeck repeat the dream so many times, including both the ideas of living “off the fatta the lan’” and “I have you, and you have me”?
6. Why does Slim not share the men’s dream?
7. Is it possible for the men’s dreams to ever become more than just words?
8. Why did Steinbeck choose to end the story with Carlson talking?
9. might the schemes (plans) of a mouse be? What are the schemes (plans) of the men in Of Mice and Men? Why did Steinbeck name the book using that phrase from this poem?
10. What do you think the main theme is?
11. Consider how Steinbeck has used words to craft this story, including the setting, time period, characterization, and dialogue describing the men’s dreams. To what extent do words create a new reality for them?


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