Friday, August 23, 2013

Words We Love

Check out these quotes from Marilyn Chandler McEntyre:

“It is hard to get people to look at words instead of through them.”

And sometimes words become objects of interest in themselves. Suddenly we notice them. We see and hear them the way poets do, as having vitality and delightfulness independent of their utility.

We talked about words a lot today, starting with an article entitled "Mother's the Word." If you'd like to read it, you can find it here

What does it mean to look "at" a word, instead of "through" it? I used the analogy of a window: usually, words function like a window, to show us something beyond. Like the quote says above, I want us to sometimes pause and look at this "window" itself. What happens when you look at a word as something vital, something delightful? Maybe what the guys in this video do:

Most classes then thought of their own favorite words, and we created a "Word Wall" with them. Some classes even had time to answer our essential question for this unit, which is, "How do we use words to communicate who we are?"

Have a great weekend!

-Mrs. L.

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