Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In-Depth Syllabus Review and Homework

Today in class, we conducted an in-depth group study of the course syllabus. Students posed and answered questions of the policies/procedures outlined in the syllabus, and also had a discussion of what "mastery" means. In addition to the truly impressive definitions of mastery that students created in class, I shared these hallmarks of what mastery means as an educational philosophy:
  • Students use multiple opportunities to attain and demonstrate mastery. We keep working on a skill or concept, using various methods of teaching and practice, until the students can demonstrate their mastery.
  • All students can succeed and grow toward mastery given appropriate support and practice.

Homework is to get signatures for the last page of the syllabus and turn in to at our next meeting. If needed, you can download copies of the syllabus at the links below.
LitWrit syllabus
LitWrit syllabus- sheltered

-Mrs. L.

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