Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Evaluation" and the New Story!

I loved seeing all the paragraph revisions these past two days- you all seem to have really given a lot of thought to the feedback you received, and put it into practice by making some really strong revisions. Keep in mind that these revisions are a great example of one of the most important pieces of the writing practice! We'll continue to revise our work all year, to move toward that goal of mastery that we discussed at the beginning of school.

We also watched some video clips, and did some thinking at the highest level of Bloom's taxonomy, which is "evaluation." Those levels are:

If you want to watch the video clips again, you can check them out below.

Homework is to read through page seven in "The Necklace" and to create three double-entry journals in your notebooks for the reading so far.

(The Simpsons one can be found here.... beware of spam/viruses/popups though!)

-Mrs. L.

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